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Powerful in Pink: Building Communities and Supporting Success in the Creative and Entrepreneurial Fields

Powerful in Pink is a community-building brand founded by Tracey Carswell, a metalsmith, coach, educator, and artist with a strong commitment to promoting equity in the creative and entrepreneurial fields. Through a range of services and initiatives, Powerful in Pink supports the growth and success of artists and entrepreneurs, while building vibrant and inclusive communities.

Tracey brings a wealth of experience to Powerful in Pink, with a background in team building, organizational structures, networking, community building, and supporting the success of leaders. As a coach and mentor, Tracey provides guidance and support to artists and entrepreneurs, helping them build successful and sustainable careers. Tracey also offers small business support, helping clients build structures and systems that enable them to thrive.

Building vibrant and inclusive communities in the creative and entrepreneurial fields

Queer Metalsmiths Community

Tracey is also co-founder of Queer Metalsmiths, a community space that honors, centers, and uplifts 2SLGBTQIA+ jewelers and metalsmiths. Through this initiative, Tracey works to build an inclusive and supportive community, providing resources and opportunities for queer artists to grow and thrive.

Women’s Jewelry Association Leadership

Tracey is also a leader in the Women’s Jewelry Association, having founded and served as president of the Miami chapter. Through her work with the WJA, Tracey has invested in the growth and success of women, femmes, and trans and gender non-conforming leaders in the jewelry and watch industries.

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