Cast Bronze Series – Arches


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The beauty of jewelry making is that there are so many techniques that can be used to get to a finished product. For this one of a kind ring, the design was hand-carved out of wax and cast in bronze using the lost-wax method. This technique uses a mold made from the wax model, which is then filled with molten metal, leaving a seamless finished design.

This ring is all about the beauty of the land… inspired by the shapes of Utah’s Arches, you’ll want to hold it up to watch the sun set through the holes in the ring. It’s like wearing a little piece of the desert, the deep textures and shadows emphasized with a dark patina, the exterior brought to a polished shine.┬áThe inside has been finished to a smooth polish, the interior edges rounded for comfort.

Bronze 1.2″ x 1″ and 4mm thick ring, hand carved and cast, size 7.5

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