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Foldformed Chain Bracelet


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Foldforming is a technique where sheet metal is folded, hammered, heated, and opened up to create lines and shapes in the metal. The process has the metal go through both hardening and softening, leaving unique designs. Kind of like people; we have experiences that toughen us up and then others that soften us so we are open to something new.
Every fold leaves a mark, leaving a beautiful design where it feels like the metal is wrinkled fabric. This bracelet reminds the wearer that you can be both tough, and resilient and soft. Silver dust has been fused on the surface to create a luxurious rough texture, a single tube set 3mm Cubic Zircona creates a contrasting sparkle, all finished with an oxidized antique patina. Handmade chain closes with a toggle clasp with two tube set 3mm Cubic Zirconia.

Bracelet length is approximately 8.25″ long, made with 22g sterling silver sheet, 16g wire, and 3.56mm tubing.


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